Pastor: The Reverend Thomas Bradshaw


Father Thomas grew up in Southern New Jersey, given initial religious upbringing in the Roman Catholic Church, with infrequent visits to the Presbyterian community of his Fathers family. During adolescence, Thomas floated away from the Roman Catholic Church, due to many disagreements with the social customary of the denomination. Eventually, feeling the need for community, he found, was confirmed into, and spent a few years inside The Episcopal Church, the province of the Anglican Communion in the United States. However, the call to living a Catholic expression of Christianity closer to his upbringing eventually drove him to discover the Independent Catholic movement, which he calls home.

Father Thomas was ordained in March, 2015, and serves as Pastor to this fledgling community and ministry. He and this ministry are under the episcopal care of Bishop Joseph Menna, AIHM. He is engaged to and lives with his high school sweetheart, Ms. Amanda Parks and is currently in his novice year with the Augustinians of the Immaculate Heart of Mary



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